DC-Hub Kick-off Leipzig

März 2018 |

DC-HUB kicks off & opens for submission: „Accelerate“ German Start-ups to China

On March 28, 2018 we reached the first major mile stone of the DC-Hub project: The DC-Hub Kick-Off Event in Leipzig, Germany. With 5 speakers and over 60 participants we are very happy about the reception. Building up to this one evening we had worked hard to get everyone together and arrange partners, speakers, a host and support from many more. The days preparing for the event have been busy but we never forget the No.1 rule for starting a business: Do what you love and you will love what you are doing! Our two VIP speakers from Shanghai & Ningbo, PR China where given a tour of the local co-working- venues & culture as well as businesses in Leipzig. The start-up and fast moving character of the city was obvious to our guests. In Germany, Leipzig is the fastest growing city at the moment accelerating to become the new hub for start-up culture and innovation. „DC-Hub Kick-off Leipzig“ weiterlesen

DC-Hub Kick-off Shanghai

Dezember 2017

Schnellstraße für Start-ups

DC-Hub will Brücken bauen und Vorurteile abbauen – eine Schnellstraße für Start-ups aus China und Deutschland. Der Grundstein für die Umsetzung wurde im vergangenen Dezember 2017 gelegt: Die deutsche Delegation um Projektleiter Steve Uhlig und Yi Zhang (Uni Leipzig), begleitet von Marco Weicholdt vom Basislager Coworking Leipzig und Martin Gothe vom deutsch-chinesischen Unternehmen J.A.M. Universal organisierten das erste Netzwerktreffen deutscher und chinesischer Partner in Shanghai.

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