Best of Shanghai Start-up Class 2018

DC-Hub Pitches Juli 2018 © Patrick Bauer / Basislager Coworking Leipzig
DC-Hub Pitches July 2018
© Patrick Bauer / Basislager Coworking Leipzig

After exciting pitches of the Shanghai Start-up Class 2018 finalists at the Basislager Coworking Leipzig with a live circuit to Shanghai, our international jury selected six teams who now have the chance to test out their business ideas on the Chinese market. The business ideas presented by the best teams ranged from innovative medical devices, through practical solutions for the automotive industry, to smart applications for process optimization for the manufacturing industry. Continue reading “Best of Shanghai Start-up Class 2018”

Shanghai Start-up Class 2018

DC-Hub supports German Start-ups and SMEs to build up a China competency. The program will pay for the 2018 class´s winners return flights, co-working seats in Shanghai, access to the DC-Hub network, events, and workshops. The class will take place from September 2nd, 2018 to September 28th, 2018.

The submission for the 2018 class is now open to Start-ups and SMEs from Germany. All applicants will undergo a first round of selecting the finalists for the pitching competition on July 10th, 2018 in Leipzig. We will inform the finalists after sighting the applications.

The 6 winners of the pitch competition (1-2 people per company) will fly beginning of September, 2018 with DC-Hub for 4 weeks to Shanghai. (The return date to Germany can be planned individually according to your schedules, minimum stay in Shanghai is 2 weeks.)

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China Business Start-up Clinic for German Start-ups & SMEs

3. & 4. Mai 2018 |

2-Tages-Workshop für Deutsche Unternehmer, Studenten und Alumni

die in China ein Unternehmen gründen, oder nach China internationalisieren möchten.

1. Tag: 3. Mai 2018, 13-19 Uhr

Der Gründungsprozess in China

Was ist bei der Gründung eines Unternehmens wichtig?

Du möchtest Dich darüber informieren, was bei einer Internationalen Unternehmensgründung  oder bei der Internationalisierung wichtig ist? Dieser Workshop bietet eine erste Orientierung. Continue reading “China Business Start-up Clinic for German Start-ups & SMEs”

DC-Hub Kick-off Leipzig

März 2018 |

DC-HUB kicks off & opens for submission: “Accelerate” German Start-ups to China

On March 28, 2018 we reached the first major mile stone of the DC-Hub project: The DC-Hub Kick-Off Event in Leipzig, Germany. With 5 speakers and over 60 participants we are very happy about the reception. Building up to this one evening we had worked hard to get everyone together and arrange partners, speakers, a host and support from many more. Continue reading “DC-Hub Kick-off Leipzig”

DC-Hub Kick-off Shanghai

Dezember 2017

Schnellstraße für Start-ups

DC-Hub will Brücken bauen und Vorurteile abbauen – eine Schnellstraße für Start-ups aus China und Deutschland. Der Grundstein für die Umsetzung wurde im vergangenen Dezember 2017 gelegt: Die deutsche Delegation um Projektleiter Steve Uhlig und Yi Zhang (Uni Leipzig), begleitet von Marco Weicholdt vom Basislager Coworking Leipzig und Martin Gothe vom deutsch-chinesischen Unternehmen J.A.M. Universal organisierten das erste Netzwerktreffen deutscher und chinesischer Partner in Shanghai.

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